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Instagram Dimensions for IGTV & Vertical Video Tips

Instagram Dimensions for IGTV & Vertical Video Tips

Are you ready to master the art of Instagram dimensions for the popular IGTV? Then you have found yourself in the right place to learn how to edit your Instagram content Dimensions and take videos aligned vertically for optimum visibility.

Instagram has continued to make waves regarding social media inclusion and expanding the means to communicate your brands to the general public and increase visibility.

To achieve this in the IGTV, you have to get things right. The creation of video content has gained popularity in recent times.

Currently,  in the social media world, the result of content using videos has been known to be more admired by the audiences as they quickly find themselves able to relate to the life situations depicted in the videos.

Many customers are constantly tuning in to view the latest content by their favourite brand vertically. It is easier to hold the mobile vertically, therefore, increasing skill and the ability to multitask on the mobile device.

Recent reviews of the IGTV have revealed that regular Instagram users enjoy video content. It has shown that even marketers can attest to its significant impact on the promotion of their brands. 

A study showed that 78% of Instagram marketers who have utilized the Instagram video to promote their brand had attested its effectiveness.

However, faithful Instagram followers understand the importance of making use of a visually-focused platform; therefore, it is essential that if you want to make the very best use of this kind of platform, you would have to commit significant effort to ensure that the best quality content is uploaded for the viewing public.

It is worthy of note that it is not just okay to upload video content on your IGTV; you also have to ensure that you get the dimensions right too as this would also go a long way to build your brand to the optimum and increase the number of visitations to your site, as viewers are attracted to aesthetic video content that would, and this would assure you increased visibility for your sites.

Most Instagram users have improved their skills significantly when it comes to shooting vertical videos on Instagram stories. However, you would need to improve your skills further when uploading video content on your IGTV.

This is simply because it is not easy to create a high-quality vertical video that complies with the latest Instagram dimensions features which have made uploading videos on IGTV challenging to achieve.

The good thing is that Upleap can help you achieve the very best in your quest to create a high-quality vertical video.

The Optimum Instagram Dimensions for Use On IGTV

We must cover the basics of developing high-quality videos on IGTV before we jump into the details of optimizing your vertical videos for IGTV:

Below is a list of the correct Instagram dimensions and tech specs  that you would need to be fully aware of for use on IGTV:

  • Dimensions: These are the measurable extent of a particular kind; therefore, the basic video Instagram dimensions allowed on IGTV should be around 1080 x 1350 pixels.
  • Length: Sometimes, keeping short content on IGTV is essential so as not to bore your audience, be it brand promotion, social media influencing or comedic content. It is important to note that videos can be between 15 seconds and 10 minutes long when you have a verified account. However, Instagram users with Verified accounts can post videos up to 60 minutes in length due to the freedom they have to carry out their brand influence.
  • Format: the only format of video allowed on IGTV is Mp4
  • Aspect ratio: The aspect ratio that is allowed minimally for videos uploaded on IGTV is 4:5, while the maximum aspect ratio allowed is 9:16
  • File size: The maximum size allowed for upload on IGTV is 650MB, whose duration is 10 minutes long for unverified users, while verified users can upload videos of up to 5.4GB worth of video for one hour.
IGTV Aspect Ratio

Of the above-listed details that need to be confirmed when uploading videos on IGTV, the essential detail that one is likely to struggle with is the one that has to do with the aspect ratio.

However, if you shoot your videos on a good smartphone, it would automatically record your videos in the 9:16 aspect ratio generally, though you could still be required to edit your video in the editing process during the post-production process where you fine-tune every aspect of your video to get the dimensions and every other basic details right.

The Process on How to Get the Right Instagram Dimensions For IGTV

The first question is, how do you endeavour to make sure you are getting your Instagram Dimensions right for uploading video content on IGTV?

Well, even before you commence editing or other post-production activity, you have to ensure that adequate care is taken to ensuring that your videos are handled correctly, as this would allow you then focus on improving certain aspects of the video to improve the quality further.

However, there are a few options here to ensure you get your aspect ratio right. You can follow the below steps to ensure that this is correct:

  • The first way of getting this right is to shoot the vertical video on your smartphone: The easiest way to nail your Instagram dimensions on IGTV is to shoot the video with your good Smart-phone, this is because most new generation smartphones are capable of shooting videos in the 16:8 ratio which the ratio you are going for to get the best quality video shoots.
  • You can rotate your camera: The problem of using a digital camera to get the maximum aspect ratio is the fact that most high-level digital cameras come equipped to shoot in a 3:2 ratio; however if you want the quality that comes with shooting with a digital camera, you can attempt to rotate the angles of your DSLR camera and then hope for the best outcome.  The compounding factor is that if you do not get the dimensions right by rotation, you might have to carry out post-production activities to improve the measurements and bring them to the proper fit to conform to IGTV standards.
  • You Could Shoot naturally, then edit: Sometimes, attempting to take the correct video that conforms to all the basics might be time-consuming; therefore, you might have to shoot the footage naturally, then you proceed to transform the footage during the editing; it is also important to note that editing your video is not as difficult as you might envisage; therefore making this a viable option as you would not have to spend extra time on your computer in post-production activities which might delay your posting of the content and eat into the time you would naturally spend creating new contents.

The Process Involved in Editing Your IGTV Instagram Dimensions

As a content creator, a brand influencer or marketer using IGTV, you definitely would not want to risk uploading video content that would be rated subpar as this could damage your brand on the site.

To avoid this happening, you should take some time to edit your work before finally uploading the content on your IGTV.

After much evaluation and tryouts of different editing tools, the preferred editing software for Instagram Users is FinalCut Pro due to its versatility and a wide array of editing tools.

With the FinalCut Pro tool, all you need to do is create the ultimate IGTV video and load the new file into the FinalCut Pro tool, after which you then proceed to adjust the “specs” of your file according to your needs which could be from size to dimension.

FinalCut Pro allows you to change everything from the resolution of the clip to the aspect ratio. However, the Final Cut Pro, due to its range of options and capabilities, does not come cheap, and if you don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend on FinalCut Pro, there are alternative options.

If you use a Macbook, you can proceed to the Apple store to download a tool called “iMovie,” an excellent editing software. Using the iMovie software is entirely free.

Although it might not be as advanced as FinalCut Pro, it is well equipped with everything you need to alter your video to suit Instagram dimensions and make your videos highly presentable to visitors to your site.

The first step is to download the program and create a new project in iMovie by uploading your vertical video, whether or not it is in the right dimension.

You’ll then need to rotate the video 90-degrees to prevent the editing tool from automatically adding a black border to your clip, which would not be suitable for your video content creation.

However, the moment the editing is completed, push the export button on the right-hand corner of the screen and rotate the video until it’s vertical again.

Editing Video Dimensions on Your Smartphone

IGTV Instagram Dimensions

Not everyone can afford the rather expensive Mac; if you fall within this category, or your preference is to carry out the majority of your editing on your smartphone, don’t panic; you can still edit your videos to get the perfect dimensions on your Instagram posts on IGTV; all you need to do is download the “VRF” tool for your iOS, or “Perfect Video” if you use an android device which is still guaranteed to get you the suitable dimensions that you desire. 

Once the app is downloaded on your device, open the video on the app and rotate it to 90 degrees to make it horizontal again, after which you then save it to your camera roll.

Then upload the file to your iMovie app, then you can edit the aspect ratio to suit your desired needs. However, it is pertinent to note that you can’t rotate your IG titles in the mobile version of iMovie.

The implication is that if you intend to add text to your content, you would require a different software that would enable you to achieve this quickly.

The moment this aspect of your editing is done on iMovie, duly save the content under editing again and then reopen it with your downloaded VRF tool, if you are an iOS user or Perfect video; if you are an android user, after which you would then be able to rotate the text back to vertical mode and immediately commence enjoying the perfect Instagram dimensions for your video.

How to Increase Your Instagram Video Quality with Ease

People are often interested in top quality video when it comes to viewing videos on Instagram, meaning that  While getting the correct Instagram dimensions for your IGTV is considered to be critical,  there are a plethora of other factors to be duly looked at that have the propensity of determining how your content are bound to look.

It is important to note that working with Instagram video is not as easy as it has been made to appear. To get the right content on, you would have to work on your video appropriately to ensure that the quality is optimized accordingly before you eventually post it.

Below are some ways that you can adopt to improve the propensity of you getting top-quality content to your viewers and further enhance the promotion of your brand and how your content looks:

The first step to getting the best quality video is recording your videos with the highest-quality camera you can afford. By doing this, you won’t have to work too hard on improving the quality of the video.

Another way of maintaining high-quality video is by transferring your video files via Apple Airdrop or Google Drive (to avoid compression) because compressing files would significantly reduce the quality of the video.

The import of editing your video thoroughly cannot be overemphasized, and this is because it allows you time to review and make corrections to your video where there is a need to do so and ensures that you are satisfied before the videos are uploaded.

It is also essential to make sure your internet connection is reliable and fast before you upload, as using a slow internet can be frustrating and result in undue delay. 

Going Beyond Instagram Dimensions

It is essential to note that unlike when uploading content on Instagram’s main content feed, you can publish links on the description of your IGTV content which could be used to direct traffic to your website.

The easiest way to achieve this seamlessly for the best experience for you and your followers is to have all your links in a single place; a typical example has it Bio. fm so that all your followers need to do is click on the link and be immediately redirected.

Having successfully achieved this, it is then pertinent that you make the best use of this new channel that has been created; The moment you are done editing your video and having gotten the aspect ratio right, you are to make sure that an IGTV cover photo is immediately created; bearing in mind to ensure that it makes your content look great on the Explore page as well as this would move people to click on the site.

It is also worth knowing that the cover photo you choose cannot be altered after it has been uploaded l; therefore, you should be deliberate about the IGTV cover photo you plan to use for your explore page.

To achieve this, to li would want to take extra care in selecting an image that conforms to the Instagram dimensions perfectly; this would involve you using a 1:1.55 aspect ratio or a size that hovers between 420  by 654 pixels; kindly note at this point that Instagram is only equipped to support JPEG format.

The image size you would select for your IGTV cover page should not exceed 4MB in size, as any size larger would not be accepted.

The Other Ways that You Can Explore to Optimize Your Igtv Post Include:

  • Endeavour to stick to a posting schedule: You don’t want to start by posting videos erratically on IGTV, as people have been known to love consistency, whether you are posting content on your Instagram stories, videos, or your photo. Bearing in mind this vital information, endeavour to make sure that you have an idea of the consistency of your posts before you launch the posting of your content on your IGTV so as not to hurt your campaign before it has even kicked off. 
  • Explore the option of adding special effects: If you have been around on Instagram long enough, you would know how much users have been acclaimed to love filters. This tends to improve the quality and attention that your pictures and videos are likely to get. With this in mind, you can take your video to the next one on the social media platform by further spicing things up through the addition of special effects on your videos l; these may include graphics, pop-ups that would make your content immediately stand out and guarantee viewers and make your content stand out. Feel free, and don’t be held back in your desire to experiment. 
  • Ensure to Promote your video: it is worthy of note that people get excited about impending content; therefore, you mustn’t forget to get people excited about an upcoming video. You can achieve this by posting stills from your impending clip on your IG profile page, or you can also explore the option of reminding people about your vids on your other social media pages to garner more attention to the content on your channel. Doing this would ensure that your clips and content get the right audience to promote your brand to the optimum level.

Ready, Set, Action! (The Call to Action)

The concept of IGTV is relatively brand new for most Instagram users as they are not yet accustomed to the process and how it works. Still, once you grasp the process and the concept, you will find it effective in advancing the promotion of your brand going forward.

To get the best out of video content, you would have to ensure that you fully understand the dynamics of shooting a vertical video which is what is expected for uploading on IGTV; you are also expected to fully understand how to ensure that your dimensions are captured correctly down to creating the perfect captions for your videos all of these should be geared towards ensuring that you can be in the right audience that would grow your page significantly.

However, it’s a new concept once you have fully integrated all of the learnings above. You may then proceed to set it to pay.

All of these processes involved in launching and managing your IGTV correctly might seem like a lot to take in for you if you are using the feature for the first time; if this is the case for you. You can quickly get some help by using Growthsilo.

Growthsilo is guaranteed to conveniently help you grow your Instagram following in no time by acting as a devoted account manager in your stead.

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