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What’s the “We Restrict Certain Activity to Protect our Community” Message and How to Fix It

How to Fix: “We Restrict Certain Activity to Protect our Community”

Most of us love scrolling across different posts on Instagram on a regular basis. But what if you find out that you can’t like any post, comment anything, and neither can follow anyone? Well, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Instagram, as already mentioned, is one of the most popular social media platforms. With all the variations in the front end, the individuals behind the platform work tirelessly to upgrade the algorithm with a view of improving the overall functionality.

These actions often lead to the users coming across an error that says “We Restrict Certain Activity to Protect Our Community” when Instagram feels like something is a bit fishy.

Instagram, We Restrict Certain Activity to Protect Our Community: What Is This All About?

“We Restrict Certain Activity to Protect Our Community” is an error message that pops up whenever a user takes various actions on Instagram at an unusual rate.

The error message stating that “Instagram restricts certain activity” generally occurs all of a sudden without any prior warning. 

This is one of those “Instagram Try Again Later” types of errors that a user faces when the platform activates its anti-spam algorithm after learning a series of actions within quick succession. 

As you can very well understand from the error message itself, Instagram is seeking to protect its community by restricting all sorts of strange actions.

The operations may or may not be imposed by some third-party apps. But whatever might be the case, as a social media platform, Instagram is always active to safeguard everything that features around it.

Aftermath: What Happens After the “Instagram, We Restrict Certain Activity to Protect Our Community” Starts Popping Up?


As soon as Instagram comes up with the “We Restrict Certain Activity to Protect Our Community” error message, the particular user’s account waxes into a situation where every other activity gets restrained to a significant extent.

They can neither like any post or comment on anything new. Apart from that, they shall also be unable to follow new accounts.

Duration: How Long Does “Instagram, We Restrict Certain Activity to Protect Our Community” Error Lasts?

Although the action of Instagram restricting specific activity is not a permanent one, the duration is usually indefinite.

Generally, in most cases, the restriction lives for a period that ranges between a day and a week. It entirely depends on how severe Instagram finds the randomness of a user’s action.

In case you wonder why Instagram avoids stating the duration for the block, well, most probably with a hope to prevent further exploitations.

Reasons Behind “We Restrict Certain Activity to Protect Our Community” Error in Instagram

No social media platform would ever wish to hamper the experience of its users, and the scenes are no different with Instagram.

With that being said, it is indeed a series of user-oriented actions that hold down the responsibility for forcing Instagram to come up with all sorts of restrictions.

Trying to Follow/Unfollow a Number of Accounts in Quick Interval


We as a user often tend to play random follow/unfollow games to enhance our account’s visibility. However, the action is not a healthy one in the eyes of Instagram crawlers.

For that very reason, following and unfollowing a number of accounts in a short interval compels Instagram to inflict restrictions stating, “we restrict certain activity to protect our community.”

Liking Several Photos Really Quick

Almost everyone is after double-taps on Instagram. It is hard to find someone who hates getting likes on his/her shared post on Instagram. But having said that, double-tapping a number of posts in a quick span seems a bit unusual.

This is the reason why such actions may also let you cross paths with the “Instagram try again later” error.

Commenting Same Old Thing Again and Again

Just like double-tapping, following/unfollowing, commenting the same stuff under different pictures is also considered harmful for the Instagram community. Your account might get restricted once you start doing so.

Using 3rd Party Apps or Automation Bots

The worst thing that can lead Instagram from restricting you from various actions is when you decide to use third-party apps and automation bots.

Several users tend to implement inappropriate means to conclude multiple kinds of desired activities within Instagram. It is essential to keep in mind that the platform doesn’t see that as anything healthy.

How to Fix “Instagram Restrict Certain Activity”


#Fix 1: Impose Self Restrictions

The first thing that you’ll need to do to fix the issue is taking a break. We recommended you restrict yourself from liking posts, follow/unfollow, and other similar activities for at least 4 to 5 days.

#Fix 2: Avoid Automations

In case you’re someone who uses third-party apps and automation to increase engagement in your profile, stop it right away. It is better; you look at the genuine ways that will actually help your Instagram grow without harming in any manner.

#Fix 3: Switch Devices

If you’re still having “Instagram Restrict Certain Activity” issues try switching devices. Use another smartphone to log in to your account. A number of users have reportedly gained benefit using this very trick.

What if None of the Above Fixes Help?

Although it is pretty evident that using the fixes as mentioned above will help your account get back to normal, in the rarest case, you might need to report the issue to the Instagram support team.

Here is how you can do that:

  • Step 1: Log out from your Instagram account.
  • Step 2: Log yourself back in using a different device.
  • Step 3: Head over to the contact section and send Instagram an email stating the issue in detail.
  • Step 4: Wait for their response, and proceed in accordance with it.

Safety Measures: How to Avoid “We Restrict Certain Activity to Protect Our Community” in the Near Future?

Having your Instagram unlocked is indeed not the last thing you might be concerned about. Being aware of the steps that will actually help keep your IG account safe from such issues in the future is equally vital. 

  • Avoid using automation at any cost.
  • Schedule your Instagram activities in a healthy manner.

Can issues like “Instagram Restrict Certain Activity” lead to a permanent ban?

You don’t actually have to worry about a permanent ban if the unusual activities detected by Instagram are done manually. However, if the scene is different, the outcome for your profile might also be different.

According to a number of studies, accounts that use automation or bots or various actions are prone to get banned.

Apart from that, the users who purchase bulk followers or take assistance from software to enhance the performance of their profile might end up losing it once for all. 

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